About Us

We are Matt and Andy, a married couple with a son born in October of 2012. We live on the Central Coast of California, more specifically we live in the city of Paso Robles…we often just refer to it as Paso or Paradise…take your pick.

We started this blog in January of 2010 with the original goal of tracking the dozens of wineries we were going to each month. Slowly, through the magic of the internet, people started showing up and watching what we were doing, so it’s evolved since then.

At this point we blog about wine, beer, events, general lifestyle, life, motivation, adventures, travel, and social media. Most of our blog posts are focused on Paso Robles in the hopes that they will be beneficial to those reading that choose to come visit this wine region.

In no way do we “critique” wine, who are we to say what you should or shouldn’t be drinking? We will however critique the shit out of customer service, whether it’s good or bad. Now and again Matt will also talk about social media and how wineries could or should be using it. He may also critique the use of social media by the wineries as it is something that he believes very passionately about.

At the end of the day, we just like to drink fun stuff and eat great food. Our journey changed a lot when Sammy was born in October of 2012 but rather than sit home and let our butts get saggy, we’ve chosen to bring him on this adventure with us. Cheers to the journey!

Dumb stuff you probably don’t really want to know:

Andy does computer security work, LOVES CrossFit, cooking, and handles all the back end stuff on our blogs since Matt is technologically confused.

Matt owns a painting company but is focused more now on his online marketing company that specializes in social media, blogging, and promotion. He writes 95% of the content for HnA because, well, that’s what he does…he writes.