Where to Eat in Templeton: 15 Degrees C Wine Shop & Bar

15 Degrees C Wine Shop & Bar, otherwise known as “15” or “15C”, is right on the main drag in downtown Templeton. It’s a great spot in the North County of San Luis Obispo due to its location close to Hwy. 101, the quaint downtown of Templeton, it’s modern interior feel, the food, the people, and of course their wine and beer list is pretty epic.

We recently stopped there after hitting up a couple of wineries to partake in all that I mentioned above. The key for us is getting a babysitter for our 2 year old since you aren’t allowed to take kids in, which quite frankly isn’t such a bad thing.

The staff was a great as usual and our buddy Loshel (he works there too) showed up while we were there and it was good catching up with him. It really is a fun spot to hang out…cool vibe, casual, and relaxing.

Okay, I did not finish writing the above post before we ended up at 15C a second time but this occasion was because we had to get our taxes done…which is a few doors done from 15C. So it just made sense to hit it up again. It was a good thing too because the above mentioned time we went I forgot to get a photo of the SUPERB sandwich we had ordered. The only difference this second time was we got it on sourdough versus panini bread.

We ordered:

1st time – Tomato and Burrata Salad, a cheese plate with no meat, and that Chipotle Beef Dip

2nd time – a cheese and meat plate and that Chipotle Beef Dip

I don’t really need to babble about it anymore. 15C is a fun spot to hang out if you are in the Templeton area. Be sure to check out their beer and wine selections too, they do a great job of serving both local and non-local adult beverages.

All this has made me hungry again…may need to go for a 3rd visit in such a short amount of time.Side note: In the photos below you’ll see a bottle of Common Ground Red Wine with must! charities on it. That’s a bottle of wine you can buy to get a buzz but it also supports the efforts of must! charities which does great things to benefit North County. You can check them out here.

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