Are Wine Groups Worth the Money?

I am genuinely curious about the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance and other wine groups like them. I’m noticing some wineries leaving the PRWCA and it got me thinking. Are they leaving because they cannot afford it? Are they leaving because they personally do not feel they are benefiting?

When the curiosity came up I did some Googling to try to get more info and ran across this blog post from Tablas Creek Vineyard.

My thought is this; some wineries are going to feel like it’s completely worth it while a few won’t. Based on what I know membership dues are based on production so the smaller wineries may feel more benefit than the bigger ones?

Again, I am genuinely curious. I don’t have anything against anyone that wants in or wants out. I assume it has a lot to do with the business model of the individual winery as well as their personal feelings on whether they are getting some tangible thing back from ‘paying into the pot’.

What are your thoughts?

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