Paso Robles Wine: LXV Wine

In a recent post I made a list of wineries/ wines I wanted to visit and taste that we had never had before. Well, we can now cross one off the list as we had a chance to visit them last weekend. LXV Wine is located in downtown Paso Robles and is the creation of Kunal and Neeta Mittal.

I had been hearing good things about the wines even before the tasting room opened up and we happen to be friends with, and admire, the winemaker for LXV Wines…Amy Butler, who also has her own label, Ranchero Cellars.

While in tasting we spent our time with Kevin, who is helping them open up shop, and Neeta. They took us through the wines which, in a very unique approach in my opinion, were each paired with a different spice or herb rather than chocolate or cheese you normally see.

The wines we went through were:

2012 Summer Satine (Viognier)

2012 Heart Note (Rose)

2010 Rising Tempo (Grenache, Syrah, Tempranillo)

2010 Crimson Jewel (Sangiovese, Petite Sirah)

I must say, I (and Annie) was a big fan of each wine. We bought a bottle of each to taste at a later date to check them out again. Overall the experience was great, it was a bit crowded and noisy the day we were in because they had a large group of twenty some people but it still went quite well. Kevin was telling us that their goal is to have that be more of a wine lounge versus just a wine tasting. They want people to come in, get a glass of wine, and enjoy chatting with others and hanging out.

Here are a couple lines directly from the LXV Wine literature:

“LXV is a premium California wine inspired by the 64 arts of Kama Sutra. Crafted by astute wine maker, Amy Butler, and sourced from high-end, small-lot vineyards from the West side of Paso Robles, every label of LXV showcases a unique blend, inspired by a particular art of Kama Sutra, and features the portrait of an artist and their philosophy on art and sensuality.”

As I mentioned above, the pairing with spices/ herbs was really unique. I thought each pairing was spot on and I look forward to maybe incorporating more of that in our own wine and food pairings. They get their spices from Lori who owns Spice of Life, which happens to be right next to LXV.

There you have it, check out the pics below to see the tasting room and when you have a minute, get in there and taste the wines and be sure to let us know what you think. Cheers!

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