Paso Robles: List of Wineries to Visit

We’ve been known to visit tasting rooms here and there but since Sammy was born our tasting room visits have declined to some degree. In our pre-Sammy days we would go to 2 to 8 wineries practically every weekend and we did that for roughly five years. Now…not so much.

I used to feel I had my finger on the pulse of the Paso Robles wine region but because now I spend many of my weekends crocheting, drinking tea, and watching PBS I feel a bit out of the loop. Luckily I have good friends that post all their winery visits on Facebook so I can easily stalk all the “cool places” to go…when I have time.

My current list of places to go that we have NOT been to nor tasted their wines is (and some of these places don’t have a tasting room but we’ve heard about their wine):

ONX Wines

Rasmussen Vineyard & Winery (our friend Diane told me about this one)

The Farm Winery

Michael Gill Cellars

Two Shepherds (not in Paso but have always heard great things)

LXV Wine (was invited to go taste but have been unable to thus far)

Paix Sur Terre

Sinor-LaVallee (anything to do with Mike Sinor seems to be awesome)


I think that’s it for now. Again, remember that this list is of wineries in which we have never tasted the wine. There are plenty of places that make another list called, “we haven’t been there in forever and we really need to go visit again”. That’s a really long title so I will probably do some editing.

Have you had any of the wines listed above? Good list or not? Second question is, do you make lists of places you’d like to go or do you typically visit the same places over and over again?

Oh, and after making the above list I realized that I will be able to taste many of these wines at the upcoming Garagiste Festival. Yay me!

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