Villicana Winery: Big Booze in Wine Country

One thing I love about this paradise we call Paso Robles is that there are many creative and interesting things going on besides wine. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love wine…but the same old thing day in and day out can get boring for just about anyone…right?? One of the places adding some spice to the mix is Villicana Winery on the Westside of Paso Robles. Of course they have wine…and it’s quite good…but they ALSO are throwing the hammer down by now making and selling big booze in cow town. The label is called “re:find” and they make Neutral Brandy (aka Vodka) and a Botanical Brandy (aka Gin).

The Villicana Spread

A while back they had a little party out at their place in which they had Villa Creek Restaurant (one of our favorites in downtown Paso) prepare different bites to go with different cocktails they mixed using the Villicana Vodka and Gin. It was pretty damn cool to learn about the process they use and to snap some photos of the steam punk looking contraption that makes the liquid courage. For me personally it is just nice to not have everything revolve around wine ALL the time (could be the A.D.D.), so getting the Vodka and Gin angle was awesome.

We tried the booze straight and then proceeded to try the different mixed drinks, ala the Villa Creek mixmasters…overall I was impressed and the food bites that VC brought were great as usual. So this article is all about me telling you to get your arse’s out to Villicana and try their wines but don’t forget the hard stuff. While you’re out there you can also hit up Alta Colina Winery (they are right upstairs) and then get back downtown to eat at Villa Creek…you never know, you may see us at the bar…where everybody knows your name!

Thanks to Villicana (re:find) and Villa Creek for putting together that cool little shindig…good times as always. Lastly, to you reading this…what do you think of wineries that do things like this? Villicana has their side project…some wineries make their own olive oil…what other interesting things have you seen and what do you think about wineries reaching out to do side projects like this?

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