Cannery Row Brewing Company; Monterey’s Coolest Joint

There’s this very cool and beautiful Coastal community here in California…maybe you’ve heard of it; Monterey? It’s the spot where John Steinbeck hung out to get inspired to write about Cannery Row, and the home of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s also just one of those places that we really dig hanging out at. Monterey has something for everybody, from beautiful beaches to high end restaurants to kitschy tourist shops…AND it also has a brewing company.

Cannery Row Brewing Company

We’re not really sure if Cannery Row Brewing Company actually brews their own beer, but they make up for it by serving over 70 beers on tap, along with some 30ish small batch Bourbons. We thought all that was reason enough to get ourselves in there and get our hands on some of all this good stuff. Guess what? They also have some incredible food and killer atmosphere.

We were in Monterey for a little getaway weekend a while back and ended up hitting Cannery Row Brewing Company up both nights for dinner! Does that tell you how much we dug this place? We did our best to try as many beers, appetizers, and assorted other treats in two evenings. Why would we go back to the same place two nights in a row, you ask? Well, because there was enough intrigue and variety to make us come back for more after our first night. We sat out on the huge back patio by one of the fire pits to enjoy an after dinner drink one night, we chatted the bartenders up the next night. In other words, it kept us entertained and happy.

As the name suggests, Cannery Row Brewing Company is located right in the middle of the hubbub of historical Cannery Row. In the midst of the touristy shops, hotels, aquarium goers and old canning buildings sits this great spot. They’ve put an oasis of good food, drinks, and fun in the middle of a somewhat chaotic and bustling historical tourist attraction. Well done, guys! We’ll definitely be back for more!

Check it out….

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