#BWELA…What’s That???

It’s a conference…BWELA stands for Blog World Expo Los Angeles…and due to the fact that we’ve had blogs now for two years, and have been involved in social media for three years…we thought it was time to go meet fellow bloggers and social media people that we’ve been building relationships with over this time.

The conference was full of booths that blog-associated companies had, as well as other media tech; there were numerous seminars and talks, although we did not attend any of those…our goal was to meet people and network. For people like us, that are trying to be a presence online it is always fun, and important, to chat and debate with other people doing similar things.

Our top memories from this event will be the people we have known for 2 or 3 years online and finally met in person, along with the new friends we met while meandering around the expo

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