Estrella Warbirds Museum Let Us Sell Wine!

The Estrella Warbirds Museum has put together a collection of aircraft and vintage cars to memorialize the history of their location at the Paso Robles airport.  This location served as the WWII Estrella Army Air Force Base before becoming the airport. The super cool part about all that (apart from all that) is the car show that they throw each year!

Cool fighter jets go FAST!!!

The 3rd Annual Warbirds, Wings, and Wheels Car Show is the culmination of everything that the museum is attempting to accomplish.  They get the opportunity to show off vintage aircraft, shiny, fast race cars and super cool automobiles from all over the country. People come from near and far to drool and dream! It’s an open house for anybody that’s interested in anything that goes Vroom!

Gotta get one of these!

We got invited to bar tend at the event, and we weren’t sure they knew what they were getting themselves into with us! Pouring J.Lohr wines and cracking some cold Budweiser was the perfect way for us to let our fun out and spend a Saturday afternoon, while checking out all the cool cars and planes. We really wanted to drive some of those cars, but nobody seemed to be interested…no matter how much we tried to bribe them!

Wine Delivery Truck???

Come on out to the museum and check out the aircraft and autos that they have there on display all year ’round! There’s some seriously cool history at the Warbirds Museum, and you should definitely come to the show next year, it had a great vibe, and we might even give you the friends and family discount on some wine (shhhh…don’t tell)!

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