Happy New Year from Hoot n’ Annie

We really want to thank everyone who has come to our blog, we sincerely appreciate it.  Come January 2011 it will be one year of the Hoot n’ Annie wine blog, we’ve enjoyed the hell out of it and have been super grateful for new connections and friendships made.

Obviously, we spend a lot of time talking wine, it’s a wine blog after all, but we spend a lot of time outside of the blog talking about life.  One of the things we’ve spent a lot of time discussing is life and how short it is, which is why you really need to live YOUR life by breaking rules and following your dreams.

WE know that ANYTHING is possible with persistence and dedication.  We know that it’s important to find the POSITIVE in everything because negativity holds you back (Hoot knows from personal experience).  We know that surrounding yourself with QUALITY people is truly life changing.  We know that if you aren’t happy it’s YOUR fault, make changes and make ‘em now!!

This is our one shot, enjoy each moment and be sure you’re doing something to leave your mark.  Four things to remember: let go, learn, laugh, and love!!

We wish you an amazing 2011!! Happy New Year from Hoot n’ Annie!! Cheers!!

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